Portfolio: BlackBerry and Teletry

patents and patent applications

Since its founding in 1984, BlackBerry has created one of the most valuable patent portfolios in the wireless telecommunications industry. Today the company owns approximately 38,000 patents and patent applications across the world, covering a broad range of technologies that bring value to smartphones and other mobile devices. BlackBerry’s patent portfolio includes both standard essential patents and non-essential patents for inventions commonly implemented by smartphone companies.

“Drawing on its experience and expertise, Teletry is an intermediary that unlocks opportunities and creates value for BlackBerry and smartphone companies across the world.”

– Laurie Fitzgerald
Senior Vice President – Licensing


Deep expertise in patent licensing

Our team, which includes Ericsson’s former Chief IP Officer, Kasim Alfalahi, has extensive expertise in smartphone technology and years of experience with building licensing relationships across the telecommunications industry.

Laurie Fitzgerald
Senior Vice President – Licensing


Max Olofsson
Vice President, European Markets


Rory Litton
Senior Patent Attorney